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Eliminate Form Spam with CAPTCHA

Incorporating Forms on Your Site? Got “CAPTCHA”?

If your website has any forms, you’re likely to encounter the annoyance of “form spam.” This problem can affect various forms on your site, such as comments on blog posts, the Contact Us form, and inquiry forms. Spammers use “spambots” to search the internet for website forms. Once a form is detected, these bots infiltrate and initiate spam transmissions. Their motivation is to have their submissions visible on a forum or platform, creating a space for their links. Forms not related to forums or blog comments don’t interest them. Even if only a small fraction of these messages successfully bypass the defenses, it’s considered a victory for them.

Your business becomes a target for this form of spam assault, and the content of these messages may need clarification or be more concise. The influx could start at around 10 messages daily, escalating to 20, 50, or even more, causing significant irritation.

Luckily, there’s a solution to address the majority, if not all, of these form spam attacks. It’s known as “CAPTCHA,” short for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” commonly referred to simply as CAPTCHA. It prompts users to input the characters and digits shown in an image, proving their human identity. CAPTCHA proves to be highly effective and has the potential to stop the infiltration of form spam.

Ensure that CAPTCHA has been properly installed

When we’re in the midst of developing new website software tailored to your requirements, it’s crucial to ensure the integration of CAPTCHA. Additionally, when incorporating CAPTCHA into existing software on your website, it’s important to acknowledge that this process might slightly extend the development timeline. Nevertheless, the substantial benefits of having CAPTCHA in place are worth it. This strategic implementation enhances your business’s productivity by reducing and, ideally, eliminating such bothersome inconveniences.

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